Friday Sermon: Waqfe Jadid 2017

 Today's Friday sermon was delivered by Khalifatul Masih V (May Allah be his Helper) from Baitul Futuh mosque, London. After Tashahhud and Surah Fātiḥah, Huzoor proceeded as follows

A person spends his wealth in this world to gain personal satisfaction, to get the worldly chores done and also gives money for charity but in today's world there is no such community or group whose members that are spread in different countries and different cities and who are gathered upon one hand and offering their wealth's to be spent for good work. The purpose for collecting this wealth is also unique which is to spread the religion of Allah and help humanity. There is only one Jama'at who is doing this work. It is the Jama'at that has been created for this purpose. It is the Jama'at of the true servant of the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him). It is the Jama'at of the Promised Messiah (Peace be on Him) of the time who is responsible to spread Islam to the corners of the earth. It is the Jama'at which is since the last 128 years spending its wealth in the way of Allah and for the betterment of the humanity. It is because, the Promised Messiah (Peace be on Him) has taught his Jama'at through the teachings of Quran, the correct way to spend their wealth and inculcated the seed for financial sacrifice in the way of Allah. Promised Messiah (Peace be on Him) says that 'I emphasize upon it regularly to spend in the way of Allah. It is by the commandment of Allah because Islam at this time is at a downfall. It is dissatisfying to realize the internal and external weaknesses that are causing it to be attacked by other opponent religions. When this is the condition, should we not work towards the progress and development of our religion Islam? This is the actual purpose behind the creation of this Jama'at by Allah. Thus working for good by being in this Jama'at is actually following the commandment s of Allah. These promises are from Allah, that who so ever will spend in the way of Allah, Allah will reward him abundantly in this world and will be blessed with a very peaceful life hereafter. Thus, I want to draw your attention towards this cause of spending your wealth for the progress of Islam'.

Your companions understood this cause and offered their wealth in the way of Allah. This has been acknowledged and mentioned many a times by the Promised Messiah (Peace be on Him). For example during the construction of the Minaret of Messiah, Promised Messiah (Peace be on Him) mentions about Munshi Abdul Aziz Patwaari Sahibs and Shadi Khan Sahib's sacrifice by saying that 'From among my Jama'at two very sincere members have given money for this cause that is indeed an example for the other members. One amongst them is Munshi Abdul Aziz who is an accountant in Gurdaspur district who despite having a low income offered 100 Rupees for this cause. I think that this 100 Rupees would have been saved over a period of many years. These two are especially exemplary because they have offered another 100 Rupees in some other domain of work. Then said the other sincere person who has shown utter love is Mian Shadi Khan, who is a wood seller by profession and a resident of Sialkot. He has already given 150 Rupees for some work and now for this task he has sent in 200 Rupees. If we evaluate the entire possession at his home, they will surely not exceed from 50 Rupees. Khan sahib has written that due to the tough season and the worldly trade seems to be in trouble so it's better for me to invest in religious trade so I am sending you everything I had.' Likewise, Promised Messiah (Peace be on Him) has mentioned numerous other examples in his books who preferred to sacrifice their wealth in the way of Allah and did not care much about their personal needs... Read Full Summary