Friday Sermon: Salat and its etiquettes

Today's Friday sermon was delivered by Khalifatul Masih V (May Allah be his Helper) from Baitul Futuh mosque, London. After Tashahhud and Surah Fātiḥah Huzoor proceded as follows

Last Friday I spoke on the importance of observing Salat and I have been receiving letters from the members of Jama'at and office bearers in which they mentioned that it was a timely reminder. They were being lazy in this regard and will try to improve their observance of Salat. May Allah help them to fulfill their promise and enable them to populate the houses of Allah.

In the beginning people are very passionate about following an instruction but as the time passes, their passion fades away.The system of Jama'at should recognize this and must constantly remind members of Jama'at . Steadfastness is the key.

Individuals exhibiting laziness is not necessarily harmful but when organization show laziness, it leads to lack of reformation and is matter of great concern. Auxiliaries and the community should pay great heed to this task - the task declared as purpose of our Creation. Such programs should be arranged that we experience progress with each day .Our progress in worship will lead us to true victories. This is quite an important principle. Jama'at should take this very seriously.

Lajna Imai'llah should play a role - they should supervise over children offering prayers. They should remind male members of their house to offer their prayers at the mosque. If women play their role, then we can experience a great reformation.

Those who make excuses that worship is a matter between themselves and God, they should remember that when we become part of a system then we have to abide by the rules.So the task of Jama'at is to remind everyone of their responsibilities. Some women also complain that when they remind their husbands, they get angry. They say we are tired so don't wake us up for Fajr. It is obligatory upon wives to remind their husbands If it was only sufficient to pray if one desires, or one is not able to wake up for Fajr. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) instructed us to wake each other up.

Sometimes questions are asked which are related to Salat and Fiqah, so today I'll answer some of those questions. People from different background and schools of thoughts join Ahmadiyyat and they do things differently. The Promised Messiah ( peace be on him) has taught his Jama'at better and virtuous ways... Read Full Summary