Friday Sermon: Extremism and Persecution of Ahmadis

 Nowadays we are observing that the far-right political parties and nationalists are having an increasingly stronger presence. The experts and analysts are also commenting on this a lot and believe that this is all happening because the left-wing parties are not strict enough in their policies on immigration. They also cite various other reasons for this, but ultimately all of these issues boil down to banning Muslims from entering their countries. They claim that Muslims do not make an effort to integrate into their society and that they can only live in their countries if Muslims forgo their religious practises and customs and adopt their values and tradition. If they do not give up their teachings then that means that they do not want to integrate into the society. They believe that by constructing minarets, wearing the Hijab and not shaking hands with the opposite gender is a threat to their way of life. They believe that the religion of Islam poses a serious threat to them and they try to prove this claim by citing the current state of certain Muslim countries where terrorism and lawlessness is rampant. Although most of the things they claim are purely out of their opposition to Islam, but unfortunately they are right in regards to citing the example of the current state of the Muslim countries and the acts of terrorism carried out by the Muslims even though these rebel groups are being supported by the Western powers.

It is unfortunate that whenever Muslims have incurred any loss it is because of their own ill-practises and by overlooking the true teachings of Islam. Instead of improving their spiritual conditions and following the instructions of the Holy Prophet (sa), they have given preference to their greed for the worldly pleasures. The Ulema [scholars] have further misled the Muslims because instead of accepting the person regarding whom the Holy Prophetsa had prophesied that he shall appear in the latter days and will once again revive the faith of the Muslims, they have grown in their opposition against him. For instance, in Algeria, there is intense opposition against the Jama 'at and Ahmadis have been put into jail simply because they have accepted the Imam of the age. There are over two hundred Ahmadis who are currently jail or in police custody but despite the cruelties perpetrated against them they are firm in their faith. However, the perpetrators should remember that Allah the Almighty is watching their injustices and cruelties and He is listening to the prayers of those being oppressed and when He declares His judgment then these people will face ruin in this world and in the hereafter.

These people should ponder over the current state of Islam wherein all kinds of objections and allegations are levelled against it. Does Islam not have powerful arguments and proofs to establish the superiority if its teachings? Do they think that Islam will only spread by killing people of other faiths? If that is what they believe, as is evident from the practise of the Ulema, then these people are rejecting the commandments of the Allah the Almighty and the Holy Prophet (sa).

The current state of the Muslims is extremely dire. On the one hand, there is the so-called Ulema and extremist organisations who seek to create disorder in the name of Islam. On the other hand, we have those Muslims who have drifted away from their own teachings or have come under the influence of the West and have become fearful to express the beautiful teachings of Islam. Instead, they simply agree to whatever the worldly people say, or give a completely wrong interpretation of the Islamic teachings in order to please others. Thus, the Muslims who reject the one who has been sent by Allah the Almighty are in fact rejecting the commandment of Allah the Almighty and His Prophet (sa)... Read Full Summary