Friday Sermon: Attributes of True Believers

 After reciting Tashahhud, Taawwuz and Surah Al-Fatihah, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) said that he would first all like to mention something regarding this site which the Jamaat has obtained for holding the Friday Prayers and where they say it will also be held next week. Due to the close proximity of this area to the airport and the coming and going of airplanes, there might be some noise and at times it may be very loud.

Huzur said that despite the noise, he will continuously try to speak loud enough so that everyone present can understand his words. If the sound [from the airplanes passing] remains at its current level then it is tolerable. Anyways, the Friday Prayers could not be held at Baitus Subuh because the space would have been too constricted. Further they said that they could not obtain any other hall or place [to hire] at a suitable price. However, Huzur said that he felt that a hall could have been located if the arrangements had been made on time. Our people have a habit of starting work at the very last minute and think wishfully that the work will get done at the end of the day. With the Grace of Allah many tasks are done in the Jamaat often in emergency situations and the way we are able to complete such tasks is more or less unmatched by anyone else. However this does not mean we should abandon pre-planning altogether. Because of wishful thinking, negligence and failing to give due importance we still have not obtained permission to hold Friday Prayers or any other programmes in the newly purchased building opposite to Baitus Subuh, Baitul Afiyat.

Huzur further said that as soon as the Baitul Afyat building had been purchased, serious work should have started to attain permission or to make any alterations necessary for it to be used. Had work on this begun immediately, we would not be facing these huge obstacles today.

Huzur said Perhaps Ameer Sahib and the administration will say this is not underlying reason or that this was inevitable. In any case, this is slackness on their part as they habitually delay matters until later, which is the reason why we face these hurdles today. May Allah the Almighty grant wisdom and sense to the administration, may He save them from indulging in wishful thinking and may He enable them to carry out their duties properly understanding the facts and realities. Since you have elected your office holders it therefore is your duty to constantly pray for them to carry out their work wisely.

Huzur said that the alternative was that a limited number of people are called for the Friday Prayers and women restricted from attending. In Pakistan and elsewhere where there is opposition to the Ahmadiyya Community women are restricted from coming for the Friday Prayers. In Algeria there is a complete ban on us saying the Friday Prayer. But there it is restricted due to unjust laws or out of fear of opponents, whereas here there is religious freedom and so any restrictions are only due to our slackness and showing negligence to various matters.

After these few words, Huzur then said that for today's Friday Sermon he had initially selected a different topic. However as he was going to lead the funerals of some deceased, some of their accounts have come to light and therefore decided to say some things about them. They include a martyr, a missionary and a granddaughter of the Promised Messiah (as). Some of the qualities they possessed are examples of piety for all people in the Community and they are role models for many of us to derive lessons from. And so Huzur said he deemed it appropriate to speak in detail about these deceased individuals rather than mention them briefly. All of these are those who fulfil their pledges and intentions and give precedence to the faith over the world and returned to their Maker in this state.

The first of the deceased is our martyred brother, Retired Professor Dr Ashfaq Ahmad Sahib, who was martyred last Friday. He was the son of Sheikh Sultan Ahmad Sahib of Lahore and was 68 years old. Last Friday he sat in his car to head towards Baitul Tauheed for the Friday Prayers. On the way an opponent of Ahmadiyyat on a motorcycle shot him and he was thus martyred. Surely to Allah we belong and to Him we shall return.

Ahmadiyyat began in his family through the martyrs paternal grandfather, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Sahib, when the Promised Messiah (as) was in Ludhiana. His family originated from Sangroor, Eastern Punjab, India. After an elder of the area, Pir Meeraan Baksh Sahib accepted Ahmadiyya, he invited the grandfather of the martyred to do the same. The grandfather of the martyred along with his family joined Ahmadiyyat.

With the Grace of Allah the deceased was a Moosi. He had immense love for Khilafat. He was regular in offering Tahajjud. He was very hospitable and helped in service to humanity. He always complied with office bearers and was a very pious and sincere individual. He was always at the forefront of serving the Community and possessed a very high moral standard. He was enthusiastic about calling others towards God. Due to his high moral standard and being very friendly and social, he was always accepted by his students and fellow professors. He would often invite his fellow professors home for dinner where he would introduce the Ahmadiyya Community very effectively. For this reason he would sometimes get threats however he never cared about such things. From childhood the martyred held great passion to serve the Community. He was enabled to work in various departments on the Jamaat level and auxiliary level. After settling in Sabsazaar, he served excellently as Sadr and Naib Zaeem-e-Aala. He was appointed this year as Secretary Dawatalillah in Alama Iqbal Town Lahore. In an excellent fashion he began in this task and formed programs.