Friday Sermon: Proofs of Truth

 On 7th July 2017, Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih V (May Allāh be his Helper) delivered the Friday Sermon at Baitul Futūh Mosque, London.

Huzoor (May Allāh be his Helper) said: As we observe in the history of prophets, they face opposition after their claim. The fire of opposition and jealousy increases as their community grows. As prophets are sent by Allah the Almighty and He gives them glad tidings ofvictory, opposition never becomes a hindrance in the way to their success. When Allah the Almighty sent Promised Messiah(as) as the Messiah and Mahdi, he too was to be treated in accordance with this practice [of God]. Allah the Almighty informed him beforehand about various forms opposition and the miserable end of the opponents. God also informed him about the progress of his Community in the face of opposition.

Allah the Almighty revealed many revelations and one of them is as follows: [Translation]

"I will cause an increase of your true and sincere friends."

Then, there is another revelation, which is...: [Translation]

"I am with you and with all your dear ones."


Then Allah the Almighty said: [Translation]

"Such people will help you whom We shall inspire from Ourself."

Then He said: [Translation]

"I shall bestow honour upon you and shall foster you."

Yet another revelation is as follows: [Translation]

"Allah will help you from Himself."


Huzoor (May Allāh be his Helper) narrated some faith inspiring incidences in this regard. Huzoor (May Allāh be his Helper) said that these incidences on the one hand, became a means of increasing the faith for Ahmadis and, on the other hand, became signs of the truthfulness of Ahmadiyyat for others.

Nazir Da'wat IlAllah [Director of Preaching] at Qadian wrote that one of his mu'allim's [preacher's] went to his village before Ramadan to inform his relatives of the timings of Ramadan. A non-Ahmadi young man by the name of Iqbal came to the relative's house. Mu'allim sahib introduced himself saying that 'I am a mu'allim of the Ahmadiyya Community'. Upon [hearing] that, the person became furious with anger. The man became disrespectful and abusive towards Promised Messiah(as) and ahmadiyyat.

Mu'allim sahib said that, we have been taught to reply with prayers in response to abuse. The man warned him that, 'if you're seen in this village ever again then you will face an evil end.' The mu'allim sahib said that only time will tell who will face an evil end. Later, Maulvi Iqbal, who had verbally abused the Jama'at, suddenly died of heart attack. This incident, not only increased the faith of the members of the Jama'at in that tiny village but also greatly influenced the non-Ahmadis as they saw this support of Allah the Almighty for the Promised Messiah(as) ... Read Full Summary